What do we fly?

RAA operates a Cessna 150L. This aircraft is one of the best platforms for training due to its rugged airframe and low operating cost. 

Where are we located? 

RAA is located at the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport (KMFR).  KMFR is located in class delta airspace. This means that the airspace is controlled by an air traffic control tower (ATC). Knowledge of operating within controlled airspace is an essential part of the private pilot curriculum. The surrounding area provides the opportunity to train at airports that do not contain control towers, which is also an essential part of training.  Click on the “KMFR radio calls guide” below, to view a template  of class delta airspace radio calls!


Private Pilot License 

The price listed is for 55 hours of dual/solo flights.

This price will vary from student to student.

65 hours is the average time it takes to earn a private pilot license.

FAA minimums are 40 hours of flight time.

Cessna 150 dual flight instruction - $150/hour x 45 hours.


Solo flight time - $130/hour x 10 hours 


 Ground instruction - $30/hour x 15 hours




*Plan on spending around $800 on a headset, pilot supplies and an online ground school course. 

Biennial Flight Review

• $150/hour 

Aircraft Rental

• $130/ hour

•This price includes fuel

•For insurance purposes, a one hour checkout flight is required with a CFI. The price of the checkout flight is $150/hour. The checkout flight is a one time fee. 

Not sure if flying is for you?

We offer discovery flights!

Take a flight around the beautiful Rogue Valley with a certified flight instructor.  This option is also the perfect gift idea!

•$75 for a half hour

•$150 for a full hour

What does it take to get started as a student pilot?

Follow the link below for a quick guide on the prerequisites for becoming a student pilot.

Who will be your flight instructor? 

    My name is Charles Plunkett. I graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a bachelors degree as a professional pilot. I have over 4,500 flight hours and have flown a variety of aircraft, ranging from a single engine airplane to a multi engine airline transport airplane. I have over 1,000 hours as a flight instructor.  I have four different type ratings and am a CFI, (Certified Flight Instructor) as well as a CFII (Instrument Certified Flight Instructor). I was a flight instructor at multiple schools, including The University of Oklahoma. I have always had a passion for flying and I am even more passionate about helping others reach their dreams of being aviators. Let’s RISE together and make those dreams become a reality.